About Eduardo

Hello! Let me introduce myself... I'm a Starseed, and My Destiny is to share knowledge with people like you to help you improve your holistic health! I'm also a psychologist and I'm passionate about Internet Marketing, Hypnosis, Neurolinguistic Programming, Past Life Therapies QHHT, and I also do Starseed Tarot Reading :) Even though I'm a psychologist, I don't believe in diagnostics. You see, everything in this physical and ethereal world can transform, so you are not meant to be fixated in your current state. Did you know that every certain time all our neurons die and new ones are reborn? This also means you can entirely evolve yourself! I highly believe that consciousness is the hidden door in your subconscious to meet your higher self: a quick step to know your purpose in your life. This same force can heal yourself and set you free from whatever discomfort you may feel. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write me an email: eduardo@love.conscientia.net I'll be happy to assist you.
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